(This is a now page, last updated November 8, 2022)


  • Running Two Businesses
    In February 2022, I quit my job to focus on Dragon Blood Balm and Recommended Systems full time. It's been a wild ride so far.
  • Running
    A summer in extremely-hot Arizona put my plans of running a marathon on pause. Now that summer is over, I'm back to training for the 26 mile run.
  • Reading
    I've been perennially guilty of buying more books than I actually read. This year, I've tried to be more "planned" and conscious in my book-reading habits. I'm putting together a personal learning course, and will be writing it through 2022.
  • Writing
    When I was working in a corporate job, I spent a lot of time trying to make useful documentation that would outlive me and help people do their jobs better. I'm now translating some of that documentation into longer blog posts, of "how to do [x]".
  • Learning
    There's a lot I've been studying on product management, cash flow management, and software engineering/computer science (how computers and programs work, how software runs... not neccessarily development in specific languages). I'm also revisiting the basics in marketing and product positioning, because it's easy to forget the foundational stuff and make silly errors.

Media Diet

A few years ago I made a conscious choice to pare down what media I consume. Rather than staring down a firehouse of unfiltered information, I prefer to get longer, curated, more thoughtful pieces from people whose opinions and perspectives I find interesting or challenging. I mostly subscribe to newletters and RSS feeds, so here they are:



  • Masters in Business by Barry Ritholtz (Business, Finance, Thoughtful)
  • The Tim Ferris Show (Thoughtful, Self Improvement)
  • The Knowledge Project by Shane Parrish (Thoughtful, Self Improvement)
  • Infinite Loops (Business)
  • On Margins (Creative, Thoughtful)
  • Bandcamp Weekly (Music)