Hi, I'm Roman Kudryashov. I regularly work with early and mid-stage companies when they need to:

  • Do something new
    (create a new department, launch a new product)
  • Fix or change something
    (transition operational models, fix a department that's not delivering)
  • Scale and optimize what they're currently doing
    (people, processes, operations)

I'm currently the Co-CEO of Dragon Blood Balm and the founder/CEO of Recommended Systems. I've worked extensively in healthcare technology, software development, and ecommerce, including with:

  • Pager, Director of Product
  • Pager, Sr. Director of Marketing
  • Kwiat | Fred Leighton, Director of Digital
  • XSUNT, Director of Marketing
  • Medisolutions, Product Marketing Manager
  • Medisolutions, Digital Marketing Manager
  • Hibu, Publication Manager
  • ADL, QA & Publication Assistant
  • Council on Foreign Relations, Editorial Assistant
  • MIT CogNet, Content Manager and QA

I've also consulted for or worked on projects in public health (NYC Dept of Health, TrueLabor, Weill-Cornell Hospital, Horizon BCBS, CareFirst BCBS, Sura Colombia, Regence BCBS), Finance (First Niagara Bank), and education (New School University, Lurnby).

Because everyone needs a hobby, I also write about the evolution of digital public infrastructure and how it breaks at ErrorStates.com.

You can find me on LinkedIn and GitHub.

I was born abroad and grew up in New York City. I currently live in Scottsdale, Arizona. Before that, I spent some time in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. I've driven coast to coast across the United Stages 3 times and I also spent 6 months backpacking across Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

I studied Political Philosophy and Service Design at the New School University, graduating with honors in my last year.

I have two cats.