Shared Physics
by Roman Kudryashov
Shared Physics


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This is a photo of the many things I enjoy in life: a nice bowl of ramen, being outside, light jacket weather, hanging out with people.

Hi, I'm Roman Kudryashov.

I'm the co-founder and CEO of Dragon Blood Balm, a consumer products goods company that makes a super-strong, athletics-focused balm for repairing skin, providing pain relief, and helping muscles/tendons get stronger. I've been running Dragon Blood Balm since 2018 and took over as a full-time CEO in early 2022.

I'm also the founder and CEO of Field Report (formerly Recommended.Systems), a SaaS solution for competitive monitoring. It's still in its early stages but you can sign up to test it out for free.

Most of my career, I've worked with early and mid-stage companies to:

  • Do something new
    (create a new department, launch a new product)
  • Fix or change something
    (transition operational models, fix a department that's not delivering)
  • Scale and optimize what they're currently doing
    (people, processes, operations)

I've worked extensively in healthcare technology, software development, and ecommerce, including with:

  • myLaurel
    VP of Product and Engineering (2023-now)
  • Pager
    Director of Product (2022)
    Sr. Director of Marketing (2021)
  • Kwiat | Fred Leighton
    Director of Digital (2017-2021)
    Director of Marketing (2017)
  • Medisolutions
    Product Marketing Manager (2016-2017)
    Digital Marketing Manager (2015-2016)
  • Hibu
    Publication Manager, NY Region (2013-2014)
  • ADL
    QA & Publication Assistant
  • Council on Foreign Relations
    Editorial Assistant
  • MIT CogNet
    Content Manager and QA

I've also consulted for or worked on projects in public health (NYC Dept of Health, TrueLabor, Weill-Cornell Hospital, Horizon BCBS, CareFirst BCBS, Sura Colombia, Regence BCBS), Finance (First Niagara Bank), and education. Because everyone needs a hobby, I try to make time to mentor students and graduates at The New School University.

You can find me on LinkedIn and GitHub. I also write about the evolution of digital public infrastructure and how it breaks at

Interested in working together? I'd love to chat.

I was born abroad and grew up in New York City. I currently live in Arizona. Before that, I spent some time in the mountains in Colorado. I've driven coast to coast across the United Stages three times and I also spent six months backpacking across Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

I studied Political Philosophy and Service Design at the New School University, graduating with honors in my last year.

I have a cat.